Labor Connections

100% Positive Experience

Wm. C. Reynolds Company is a Mechanical Contractor located in Hickory, NC. Our company was incorporated May 1st 1967. We are a full service contractor who at this time supplements our permanent staff with approximately 25 temporary employees. Due to the type of work that we specialize in the skills required of a potential candidate vary and are typically hard to find in a potential employee. My experience with Labor Connections, LLC has been a 100% positive experience. Stacey and her staff have never failed to provide a qualified candidate upon request. Throughout Labor Connections, LLC’s service to Wm. C. Reynolds Company any issue regardless of significance was resolved immediately with the utmost professionalism and with absolute minimum negative impact to our operations/production. It is the intent of Wm. C. Reynolds Company to continue our successful relationship with Labor Connections, LLC in the years to come as we have been 100% satisfied with Stacey and Labor Connections, LLC to date.

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