Meet our talented team of experienced staffing professionals in our Conover Office, conveniently located at 1231 Commerce Street SW, Conover, NC 28613. We invite you to stop by or give us a call at 828-668-5733. We look forward to helping you with your employment and staffing needs!

Stacey Walker

Owner / Operations Manager

  • Stacey has been in the staffing industry for over 20 years. With determination, high standards and ethics she has grown to be one of the best choices for a startup business in the staffing industry. Stacey Walker has successfully opened and developed several staffing agencies in the last several years, with the most recent generating over $12M in annual sales within 4 years. Many clients have come to rely on Stacey when they need staffing.

Melanie Armino

Regional Sales Manager

  • With a rich history of leadership roles across multiple sectors, Melanie brings unparalleled depth to the realms of sales and account management. An integral part of the team, Melanie isn't just about meeting labor needs; she's committed to exceeding them. Her proactive approach aims not just to sustain but to grow existing client relationships while actively seeking new partnerships. With Melanie at the helm of regional sales, clients can expect aggressive, result-driven strategies that go above and beyond in satisfying their staffing needs.

Heather Conley

Staffing Specialist Manager

  • Heather is an awesome addition to our team in Conover, NC. She uses her excellent interpersonal skills to communicate with possible candidates and network. She excels at determining the hiring needs of clients and researching potential candidates. Heather rolls up her sleeves and takes charge....come in and see her for future employment.

Misty Coffing

Staffing Specialist

  • Misty is an exceptional recruiter with a passion for connecting talented individuals with meaningful employment opportunities. Beyond her exceptional recruitment skills, Misty brings a positive and collaborative spirit to the workplace. She is known for her approachability and willingness to support her colleagues, making her a true team player. Her infectious enthusiasm and genuine care for the success of both candidates and clients have made her a trusted advisor to many.

Ashley Hefner

Staffing Specialist

  • Ashley has brought over 5 years of staffing and customer service experience to our Conover team. Ashley will ensure that you get the time and assistance that is needed to establish and service your account, walk you through any questions, and be the support you need moving forward. From skilled temporary or permanent professionals Ashley will staff your workforce needs fast and make the process seamless, making hiring less work for you! She makes sure that the Client and employee match benefits both for a win-win success.

Patty Tomblin

Payroll Manager

  • Patty's experience and dedication to excellence make her a great asset. She is responsible for guaranteeing accurate delivery of payroll to the Labor Connections workforce. A vital part of her job is guaranteeing that the staff and employees are organized and paid promptly, which includes weekly disbursements of multi-state payroll, garnishments, benefits, and taxes. If you should have any payroll related questions, Patty will be more than glad to help you.

Brooke Phillips

Payroll Specialist

  • Brooke plays a crucial role in ensuring smooth and accurate payroll processing for our valued employees. With years of experience in the payroll industry, she possesses a comprehensive understanding of payroll systems, compliance requirements, and the unique needs of a dynamic staffing agency. Brooke understands that payroll can be a complex and sensitive subject for employees, and she goes the extra mile to address any inquiries or concerns promptly and empathetically.

Zack Herron

Technology & Marketing

  • With a diverse skill set in audio/video production, backend troubleshooting, social media management, and IT expertise, Zack plays a pivotal role in driving our growth and brand recognition. His creative expertise brings compelling visuals and engaging content to effectively communicate our message, while his technical acumen ensures seamless operations and resolves backend challenges. His proficiency in software and hardware troubleshooting enables him to swiftly resolve technical issues, minimizing downtime and ensuring a smooth user experience.

Meet our talented team of experienced staffing professionals in our Morganton Office, conveniently located at 1239k Burkemont Ave, Morganton, NC 28655 in the Rural King Shopping center. We invite you to stop by or give us a call at 828-475-1444. We look forward to helping you with your employment and staffing needs!

Christine Jones

Onsite Operations - Construction

  • Christine possesses a great deal of knowledge about the best recruiting strategies for the Construction industry. She is a professional recruiter who sources candidates on behalf of our clients' highly specialized positions. Christine is able to attract first-rate talent and ensure lasting and successful placements. Her goal is to exceed every clients' expectations and add value to their business.

Jessica Bryant

Staffing Specialist

  • With a keen eye for talent and a passion for building meaningful connections, Jessica plays an important role in matching skilled candidates with the right job opportunities. Her dedication to understanding the unique needs of both clients and candidates make her an invaluable asset to our team. Trust Jessica to facilitate a seamless and successful hiring process, delivering outstanding results every time.

Meet our talented team of experienced staffing professionals in our Statesville Office, conveniently located at 411 Center Street, Statesville, NC 28677. We invite you to stop by or give us a call at 980-434-0481. We look forward to helping you with your employment and staffing needs!

Alexa Cathey

Staffing Specialist

  • Alexa brings dedication and loyalty to Labor Connections. She works closely with our clients to introduce new hires and walk them through the hiring and training process. Whether you are an employer in need of a perfect candidate for a position, or an employee searching for work, you can count on Alexa to get the job done. She goes above and beyond for our clients, staff, and employees.

TJ Hudnall


  • TJ takes pride in providing outstanding service and building long-lasting relationships with our clients. His friendly demeanor, coupled with an extensive knowledge of our products & services, allows him to effectively communicate the unique value propositions we offer. Whether it's answering inquiries or providing post-sales support, TJ consistently goes above and beyond to exceed expectations.